Net Income C-Corp Dividends Tax Calculator

C-Corporation is tax treatment. Any entity can file an election to be treated as a C-Corporation. You can enter your income, inventory, and expenses to calculate what your net income is if you are electing to be treated as a C-Corporation for tax purposes. Please, note, that the calculator may not be updated to changes in recent laws. Below is an easy to use, free, Tax Calculator for C-Corp net income, and tax calculator for dividends. Calculate your taxes for free here. 

  • Sales are the money you receive for selling your product or services. Sometimes Sales include a Sales tax. Sales tax is a liability. Sales tax is deducted when calculating net income.


  • Cost of Goods Sold is calculated when you know your beginning of the year inventory value, your purchases and manufacturing cost, and your end of year inventory value.

Enter data you have to see the result. Please, make sure that you click enter and/or check every box to put a $0 there or an amount above $0 to make sure the result is accurate. You can calculate C-Corporation income taxes before making a C-Corp election to see if your business will benefit from such an election. 

Benefits of a C-Corporation tax treatment?

  1. Carrying Net Operating Loss forward and back. 
  2. Deducting medical expenses for C-Corp owners, employees, their families if an HRA is established. In comparison, S-Corporations can deduct health care insurance paid, but then the owners will claim that insurance deducted as their income.
  3. Writing off charitable contributions up to 10% of net income.
  4. No risk of being reclassified as a hobby and disallowed expenses in previous years.
  5. Accumulating funds for future use.
If you have any questions regarding the Tax Calculator for C-Corp net income, and the tax calculator for dividends, please, feel free to reach out. 

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Tax Saving Strategy