Communication with the IRS for a taxpayer regarding the taxpayer's rights, privileges, or liabilities

  • Representing a taxpayer at hearings and/or meetings with the IRS.
  • Responding to the IRS letters and notices.
  • Providing with a Written Tax Advice

Hourly rates are $80-$150/hr and total price can be $2,500+

If you don't open a letter or a notice that you received from the IRS, it won't constitute not receiving the letter. Instead you may miss important deadlines and opportunities to resolve your tax debt to the best possible outcome.

No, Enrolled Agents are not tax attorneys and are not allowed to practice in court. Enrolled Agents are only allowed to practice before the IRS.

At our company. we can manage our clients either online or in-person or both. Secure technology makes it very easy for both parties. When you sign Power of Attorney- you don't need to be present at IRS meetings. It doesn't matter where you live- we can represent you without you being present. You will still be consulted with and will be informed of the process. 

Please, notify us as soon as possible if you received any IRS letter or a notice.

Just send us your paperwork via a secure portal or in-person, occasionally answer follow-up questions.  We will be keeping you updated regularly and will be guiding you through out the process. Bottom line- we will take care of dealing with the IRS for you. IRS letters and notices will be sent to us, so this will save you time and personal efforts in dealing with your tax problems.

Need help with any IRS issues?